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The Choline Information Council™ Mission Statement

The Choline Information Council™ provides a reliable and readily available source of information about choline and its health benefits to consumers, health professionals, as well as the dietary supplement and food industries.

Choline was declared an essential nutrient by the Institute of Medicine in 1998 and is reported to be under-consumed by 90% of the American population today. Choline's role in health is clear, supporting cognitive functions in the young and old, prevention of neural tube defects in pregnant women, supporting liver and heart health and helping athletes and weekend warriors to optimize physical performance and stamina.

The Council provides information directly to those looking to learn more about the functions and sources of this important nutrient. The Choline Information Council™ serves individuals, organizations, and the media.  This website was written and developed by third-party experts with sponsorship and funding provided by Balchem Corporation, Inc.